psychotherapy for couples and individuals

about carla


I work with individuals and couples who are experiencing:



Self-critical beliefs


Life transitions

Relationship problems

Career dissatisfaction

Loss and grief

Often people come to therapy when they are in pain. They want more out of life: greater self awareness, more confidence, better relationships. If you would like to feel more alive and more deeply connected to your loved ones, therapy is a good place to start. 



Individual therapy

Early in life, we develop strategies that help us adjust to our environment. In our lives now, these same strategies can interfere with the need for connection and self-expression. Psychotherapy provides a space outside our normal routines in which we can focus on emotional growth, and find out what is in the way of our natural impulse toward well-being.

Couples therapy

The need to feel securely connected to another person begins at birth and is life-long. The strength of that need shows up in the powerful emotions that emerge when we feel our attachments are in danger. When our needs go unmet, we often respond to each other in ways that actually make it harder to connect. A pattern arises that interferes with closeness.

Couples therapy offers the chance to slow down and understand the pattern that creates distance or fighting (or both!) Instead of taking over your relationship, the pattern can be a prompt to stop and reconnect.




fees and office policies

Payment is expected at the time of our appointment by credit or debit card. My fee is $150 per session.

The full fee will be charged for a late cancellation (within 24hrs of the appointment start time.)

Non-emergency phone calls are $40 per 15 minutes. For emergencies, call 911.


I partner with Pacific Source Health. Co-pay is expected at the time of our appointment.

For other insurance, payment is due at the time of service, and I will provide you a monthly receipt which will include the information needed for you to submit a claim. For some insurance, I can submit your claim electronically and reimbursement goes directly to you.

Questions you might ask your insurance company-

-What is my out of network coverage for out-patient therapy?

-What is my deductible? How much has been met?

-How do I submit claims?




What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a conversation in which you share as much of your inner world as you can, so that we can see what is in the way of your growth. Neuroscience research is finding that lasting change is supported by emotional experience, especially in the context of a secure relationship, and this is an important part of our work in therapy.

How often do we meet?

Initially, we meet weekly, because I have found that meeting less frequently in the beginning can lead to frustratingly slow progress. After a period of working together, it often makes sense to meet less often. For clients who work irregular schedules, I try hard to find at least 4 appointments per month.

How long does therapy take?

That depends on what you are looking for. You might begin therapy to address an immediate concern, such as relationship problems, or a life transition. But because growth is life-long, you can also use therapy for deeper self-exploration for as long as you continue to benefit.


Carla Canfield, LCSW


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