what is psychotherapy?

Therapy is a conversation in which you share as much of your your inner experience as you can, so that we can look at what is getting in the way of your growth. Neuroscience is demonstrating that lasting change is supported by experiencing and expressing our emotions, and this is an important part of our work in therapy. 

how often do we meet?

Initially, we meet weekly. In the beginning, meeting less often can lead to frustratingly slow progress.  After some time of working together, it might make sense to shift to every other week. For people who have irregular work schedules, I try hard to meet with you at least 4 times per month.

How long does therapy take?

That depends on what you are looking for. You can think of therapy as a tool we can use to address an immediate concern, such as relationship problems, or feeling stuck, depressed, or anxious. But because growth is life-long, you can use therapy for deeper self-exploration that can last as long as you continue to benefit.